Games User Research

Course Design:

This is a hybrid course. Each class/week has two parts. Most of the course content will be delivered via recorded videos and required readings in the first part (asynchronous), followed by an interactive face-to-face class session (synchronous). It is essential for students to engage with the assigned videos and readings before the interactive synchronous session. The interactive sessions will feature a review of the lecture as well as group discussions and exercises regarding the topic of the week. Participation is an important aspect of this class (and will be graded), and everyone is expected to engage in discussion with their classmates. Most learning resources (videos, articles) listed in the outline below are created by other colleagues and are freely available online.


Session 1: Intro to GUR
Read: and

Session 2: GUR in Production and GUR Framework
Read: Chapter 2 and Chapter 8 (Games User Research book)
Watch: (from 23:35 to 32:20)

Session 3: GUR Process and Heuristic/Expert Evaluation
Read: Chapter 3 and Chapter 14 (Games User Research book)

Session 4: Observation and Think-aloud
Read: Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 (Games User Research book)
Watch: (from: 23:40 – 30:40)

Session 5: Interview and Survey
Read: Chapter 9 and Chapter 10 (Games User Research book)

Session 6: Methods overview, analysis and reporting
Read: Chapter 7 and Chapter 18 (Games User Research book)

Session 7: Game Analytics and Physiological/Biometrics Measurements
Read: Chapters 16, 17 and 20 (Games User Research book)

Session 8: RITE method and dealing with biases and validity
Read: Chapters 13, 22 (Games User Research book)

Session 9: Case studies (Designing & Evaluating Spectator Experiences + Playtesting in VR)
Read: Chapters 21, 30 (Games User Research book)
Watch: and

Session 10: Case studies (AI in GUR tools)
Read: and

Session 11: How To Be A Games User Researcher
Read: and